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Green Crystal Dragon

Don't know why, but I love drawing this kind of dragon.... :P
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...interesting look.

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Heyy... but you have portrayed me !

(throw an eye at my avatar if you want : Dragon 22-04-19)

How can i say... it's really magic.. (heart)

Hi, can we, as long that we credit you, use your art on Twitter /Discord ? (for the profile pictures /banners)

Well done dude .i came from youtube and also I have joined to Deviantart community thanks to you:)

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Beautiful! I love the waterfall coming out of its chest, and the way it melds so nicely with the background while still being distinct is nothing short of stunning! You, my friend, have earned yourself a watcher :{D
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Beautiful! I truly am amazed by your work.

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The Dragon of the Forests...
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 I love crystal dragons too
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Beautiful! You're the best! Keep it up! 
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Yo, wassup dude. I homebrewed a dragon for D&D and I'd like to use this as the art for the dragon's stat block. I'll happily reference you however you'd prefer like, and I don't intend to profit off of the stat block at this time. If that changes, I'll let you know, and remove your art from the stat block unless you would like to make more art for the work it is published in (if you would, you will be paid for your work based off of a base amount initially and then a percentage of total profits past that point. We'll talk about it in more detail if that comes up.) Please let me know if you'd be comfortable with this by replying to this comment or emailing me at the address linked to this account. Thanks! Amazing piece by the way, it's really beautiful.
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the great scyther
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Great work ! I love it ! Heart
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Beautiful creature ! =^-^=
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Very beautiful!!
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Great! Congratulations.

Fernando Coutinho
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Ysera reincarnated.
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This is a fantastic piece!! Wonderfully done!!!
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oh my gosh this is beautiful!!!! :) (Smile) =P (Razz) Love The way the light focuses on the dragon is awesome, and I think the birds add a really nice touch to your painting!
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