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Galrauch from WHF Hero's Call

Finally, I can upload this! :D
Art done for FFG's Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Hero's Call. It's Galrauch the Great Drake. His head is somehow split into two! It was fun drawing him.
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Wonderful work!! =D

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My nightmare vision for the next few days ^^ ! I like how the inclination of houses amplifies dramatic tension.
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Dragon of the Nuclear Apocalypse. Imagine him handing out death:
Death for you, death for you, death for EVERYONE!!!

That'll be $4.99.
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Excellent! The devastating magnificence of a Chaos Dragon has really been captured here!
for the short story, Galrauch was a "regular" dragon who got possessed by a two headed daemon, and his power granted Galrauch the knowledge to wield magic and caused his head to split in two, to mimic the astral body of the daemon. 
Sometimes, the soul of the dragon takes over the power of the daemon and the two heads fight each other.
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Galrauch, the first of the Chaos Dragons.
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wow s/he is very beautiful
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Your pictures are totally epic, the dragon, the surrounding, the background, the setting, the theme... Amazing!
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love the curved perspective. Very cool! Wish I could get a  tee  shirt.Kitty begging 
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It's called "Bird's eye view", or something like that.
And yea, it is quite effectively used in this picture...
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Wouldn't it be "worm's eye view"? :)
And yes that was my first thought, creates a fantastic feeling of action and chaos in this picture and definitely makes the Drake seem a lot bigger :)
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No, it would be "Grounded bird's eye view"
Because the only worm that I approve of is Earthworm Jim
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Beautifully done I love it.
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yay for the power of Tzeentch! and Greater Daemons of Change... who are Tzeentch's commanders.... and Tzeentch. praise him too.
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I DEEEEEEEED!!!!!~ *collapse* 
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That's one messed up dragon
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That is great but o o I would never want to see that dragon in real life. Holy crap. I'd be scared!
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(doesn't stop the fact that it's an amazing pic)
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