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Fun with lighting

By sandara
First pic has no lighting, just the flat colors.
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FogsRollingIn's avatar
oh my god YES I LOVE THIS. I started looking at it with no idea the final panel was gonna be a zombie apocalypse -- s'friggin brilliant how unassuming & cozy it starts out, hahahah

Thank you!
Candless's avatar
I :heart: the rain one. The zombie panel is pure lol :D
Krakatoa426's avatar
Holy shit this is beautiful I love this
tidbitzwolfie's avatar
And here comes the zombie apocalypse, wohooooo! ❤️ ❤️
lunarsparks's avatar
All nicely executed! Plus zombie awesomeness.
interesting work. a neighborhood goes downhill...
Funkymunkz's avatar
Rain my personal fave. Zombie is a contender too, though.
Autumn-Gracy's avatar
Well this went unexpected places ...
stophauntingme's avatar
Last panel makes this, lol. Absolutely love it - good job!!
Chivaree's avatar
Love how the 'forest green/brown' hues are now exclusively zombie themed, no one can pick anything more original anymore :/
UnbridledMuse's avatar
:rofl: You are awesome!

I'm scrolling going "original, cool, sunset, nice, night, well done, rain, very pretty. OMG! ZOMBIES!" LMAO
vitellan's avatar
Ha, the transition to the last frame was a bit sudden. Thanks for sharing the lighting studies - they're quite informative.
Blackvegetable's avatar
Well I'll be, especially the last panel! :D
CobraCatDragon2898's avatar
The last panel is something. I just love how you played around with the effects, very wonderful!
AyaelShay's avatar
XDDDDD I got surprised by the last one XD
BettyElgyn's avatar
MakenMeister's avatar
Well, that escalated quickly. I wasn't expecting that last panel :D
Jon-Wood's avatar
A woman for all seasons.
andyprophet's avatar
Truly awesome, fantastic work!!!
Red-sprites's avatar
The new iPhone filters look amazing!
Raseleanne's avatar
The last panel is the art equivalent of someone inserting a jump scare at the end of an otherwise pleasant youtube video. I like!
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