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Forest (Level Up! demo)

By sandara
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Level Up! was kind enough to invite me for a live demo (5th May 2014).
This is the image I painted during the demo.…

The demo was 2 hours and I took an extra half hour later to do some touching up.

You can see all the demos (they invited many very talented people, definitely worth a watch!) here :

The psd file for this will be up probably tomorrow on the website. I'll put up a link to it once it's there.

The demo was fun :) Thanks to the guys at Level Up! And thanks for watching. :)
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Max-BlastStudent Filmographer
Found through YouTube:…

I like your work, I love how much of a story it tells, I think I'll come back for some inspiration later. ;)
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Thanks! :)
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SekicionProfessional Digital Artist
ooh Can i ask you wich size and wich kind of data you saved this art work. 
I´m not sure if you would look at my drawings but somehow they're all pretty blurry when you look at them. 
But its not possible as I´m drawing my art on photoshop and on my phone they're sharp but on deviantart itself they're blurry... can you help me? :(
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KarmazynaHobbyist Digital Artist
Karma sure as hell kicked him in the butt.
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Not really. Seems like the Deer was dead anyway.
Only difference is that those Lizard have two feasts now.
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Your arts is ideal!!! Like!
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For his life, you shall pay...

Fifty-nine ninety-nine plus free shipping and handling!!
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Those dragons remind me of Tatzylwyrms
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This is so beautiful and having just read the comments, I cannot believe you did this in two hours. T__T It's unbelievable! I appreciate all the small details you've added and I love the transition from the foreground to the background. Excellent piece! I can just imagine the story to this. *_*
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Your art is amazing!
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wateradept8Student General Artist
cool storytelling
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DewiSriHobbyist General Artist
Always curious about the story behind the artwork.
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beautiful! I love the feel! 
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SycabStudent Digital Artist
Great work!!!!!!!!!! gotta watch that video xd
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This reminds me that im playing too few Fantasygames these days.
Bright fantasy. Darkfantasy like Darksouls2 doesnt count. B-)
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great storytelling!Thank you so much for your video! Do you maybe have your own youtube channel that I could watch for just you working?
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abigbatProfessional Digital Artist
Was a fun one to watch :)
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This is your punishment for hurting the forest XD idk
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StudioMikartsProfessional General Artist
Beautiful composition! Your handle on the lighting is just perfect; guided my eye through the painting like a waiter serving courses at dinner X3
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PezitoProfessional Digital Artist
Amazing result for "just" a demo! I'll definitely have to check the video, it should be good. :)
Very nice artwork, I love it. ^^
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AntarasisStudent Digital Artist
Everytime I wonder if people mean the FB group or the other thing done by... concept xD
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Its the FB group :)
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KEKONANHobbyist Artisan Crafter
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Wow! Amazing!
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