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Flamecraft - the Butchery

Yet another shop! This one is tied to a puzzle, if you'd like to give it a try (and win an exclusive dragon miniature with the kickstarter) please go here :……
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I just saw a collection of your Flamecraft art on imgur, and I'm already enthralled. The setting is just heartwarming (maybe pun intended). Looking forward to the KS!

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Thats a happy dragon doing what he loves.

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"Well, it's not my childhood dreamjob, but I have some ... lets say 'Hardskills'"

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β€œMake those sausages crispy!”

Nice work!

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OMG i can almost smell the meat cooking and hear the sizzling of grease Drool revamp

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Perfectly! Your work is a great way to leave the real world for a while and visit the vast, rich and diverse fantasy worlds that you create. Exploration of these worlds, learning about their stories, getting to know their inhabitants - all this provides an unforgettable adventure.
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Shopkeeper: "Hello, what can we get you? If it bleeds, we can cook it up for you!"

Me: "...."

Shopkeeper: "Hello?"

Me: ".....marry me."

Shopkeeper: "Excuse me?" ^^;

Me: "Marry. Me." :stare:

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You’re weird...

Want to be friends?
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LOL! He's always commenting about the food

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I cant put into words how much joy these dragon images bring me

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Very cute. When does that kickstarter start kicking?

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late Summer. :)

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BROOOOO! The little dragon is the grill!!!!

Gastronomy dragons! The best kind of dragons! Every adventurer party wants one...except the elves (they’re vegetarians).

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That would be beyond cool!!!

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...Now I'm hungry for some flame grilled sausage.

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When it has to be more than just hot! ;-)

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One mixed Shashlik please.

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Your dragon pictures never fail to make me smile 😊

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I'd like to see some of these little drakes interact with the big classic dragons. I'm thinking it'd be like a bunch of baby goats hopping all over a bull or llama

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