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Flamecraft Vegetable Stall

Get your giant veg here XD
The puzzle for this week :…
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Giant vegetables, eh? :greetings: Sweet! :D

And if those are black morel mushrooms (Morchella elata) there, I'll taking those too. :thumbsup:

chubby mushroom

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Grandpa😊 I want to buy some carrots please 😇

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Your art style is very cute & lovely ^^

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I thought it said 'Homecaft' for half a second.

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Great color executions. I loved it. 💕

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Whoa! Massive carrots! Also, massive eggplants, one large carrot, one large turnip, (or is it a massive radish?) large mushrooms, daikons, slightly oversized garlics, unnaturally colored pomegranates, and pumpkins.

I think I see a butternut squash too.

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The dragons make the plants grow bigger (and better). :)

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looks like wonderful concept for npc c: love the colors so much

JediMase's avatar

The stall keeper makes me think of Dagen from Critical Role.

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Did you take an arrow to the knee?

Nah. Did you see the size of these vegs? After harvesting them I can't bend my legs for a week!

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what a fun image! Would love to find a veggie stand like that, dragons included

Sternenvermaechtnis's avatar

If those are plant dragons... does that mean the vegetables are ...

sandara's avatar

No, they're just vegetables XD

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ooh i love the representation of a fantasy character in a wheelchair, i applaud you! ^w^

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I see those dragonfruits over there in the corner! Seriously, I LOVE these little chibi dragon world drawings!

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Oh! So there are elemental variants! Neat!

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"I used to be an adventurer, until I took an arrow to the knee..."

Love the details in this one. And that's one adorkable green dragon on the barrel there!

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Yeah, cutest of the bunch so far XD

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I love the weekly puzzles, solved almost everyone up till now. Any news on supporting the campaign via Paypal/other platforms (due to lack of credit card)? The leafy dragons are cheerful and the wheelchair has a throne-ly look to it, great!

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I am not sure as to payment methods, as I'm primarily in charge of art. We will definitely announce alternatives/retail (if any) once we are closer to the KS date.

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