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Flamecraft - The Smithy

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Love it when friends are there to help!

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So cute! I want a dragon helper toooooo!

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Adorable level 100!

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So so cool :D Look at them working together so nicely!

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Woo! Yeeeeh! :happybounce: That is so cute. :heart: :meow: :+fav:

Pixel: Pixel Emoticon ~Western Dragon

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I wish I would have had a dragon for smelting! That would make it so much easier. But the poor guy would need a looooong breath.

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You could make a book out of all of these 😊

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This guy looks sturdier, maybe older than his fellows. Still adorable though

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When not baking he's helping with the forge? Well done!

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I'm loving this flamecraft series. All those businesses look so orderly and cute.

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That's handy, don't have to wait for an eternity for the charcoal to burn properly.;)

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getting the forge going for the start of another busy day.

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My husband says he wants one of these fellows for his forge.

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"The dragon revolution must begin. The humans will not enslave us no longer."

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I can't quite see how anyone would enslave a dragon...I mean, it's got a built in blow torch and armour! How the heck would you coerce it?

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I don't know. minimum wage?

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I think it's because people keep seeing the dragons working and the humans just standing there.

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Good point! and noted. :)

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