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Flamecraft - Potion Shop

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I love all of these such fun and adorable concepts

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Ooohhh this is a nice shop
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I need this game like oxygen. Exquisite art.

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This has a nice peaceful feeling in it.

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I can envision it right before my inner eye.

After a long hard days work Raiding a Level 80 Dungeon... the Armors durability so low that it's held together by string and wishes... my mace a paper weight... my shield, paper...

But then coming into town, grinning like a loon...

Sitting down in one of the low-level shops for beginner crafters, the fifth one in this place...

Tea and cute Zippos, what does I need more.

Sighing I take a sip of this wonderful brew and all worries flee me like evil shadows a priest.

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Very nice! Wonder if there's any samples available?

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Cuuuute! I love all the little pots with plant material in them~ Definitely gives off the tea vibe, and I see the little menus for tea on the wall! So adorable! Now I want tea, lmao. Great job!

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when is the nexflix show happening

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much cuteness. The sprig stuckin the shopkeepers hair is a nice touch.

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Very tasty-looking potions too 😊

Seriously, if this does well, you should make expansions featuring different elemental dragons. More magic, more cuteness, more dragons! And you can never have too many dragons.

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Yeah since it's fire this round, maybe water next...? :D

Water's options are somewhat limited in terms of crafting. I guess you could do things like cleaning services, watering gardens, and maybe fisheries if we're getting into things that don't require dragonbreath, but I can't think of anything else. I think ice would work better because you could have things like ice cream parlors, ice sculptures, and cold drink stands.

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I love this artstyle! Definitely gonna back the project if I'm able. :excited:

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