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Flamecraft - Jewelry shop

Pretty and powerful. :)
Please don't pet the shopkeeper!
Here is the puzzle that accompanies this art :…

The Flamecraft kickstarter launches 10 Aug! I've been super busy doing the art and getting stuff ready >_<;; 
My apologies if I havent been answering your comments or notes!
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This is actually really clever because in stories, dragons loves gold and jewelry and often keep it in their cave and some of them are fire based. So it wouldn’t be too far fetch to say dragons would be good at making jewelry when they have the powers and knowledge to create it. Also those fire powers would be useful for making metal for those jewelry.

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Don't pet the shopkeeper?!?!? HOW!!

Perhaps a massage with the new scale-polish, just bought from the alchemist?


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Where's the Flamecraft show, Netflix? I WANT THREE SEASONS OF FLAMECRAFT NOW GET ON IT

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love it & the little shopkeepers 🤩

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Omg I just wanna pet the shopkeeper and keep em in my pocket!

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Not petting the shopkeeper?!?!?!?! Impossible!

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"Pretty and powerful jewelry", you say... :greetings: You got me intrigued. ;-) Gem

No petting the shopkeeper? Aww... :-( But I understand. :nod:

Great job on all these illustrations! :thumbsup::D

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Do the shopkeepers mind if I just sit in the back corner, watching and suppressing squeals of delight at how simultaneously cute and beautiful they are?

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You've created such cute assets for this title

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Lovely n' cute illustration! Looks like an awesome fantasy world :)

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But I really want to pet the shopkeeper! :D

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They're working XD

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this is very cute

"Please don't pet the shopkeeper"...

What kind of sadistic monster are you to ask us such a cruel thing ?!

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Lol! It's not like they'll give you a discount if you do!

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