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Flamecraft - Dragons

After so many months of work, Flamecraft is almost ready to launch! 
I've never drawn so many little dragons in so short a time XD
Check out our launch video here!…

The kickstarter launches in only a fews days - AUG 10
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I waited for this from two months, I'm in love with this project :heart:

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Pledged to your KS a few days ago. excited! Can't wait for the game to come out!

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This/these are so cute and adorable! :):heart:

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"World renowned dragon illustrator" is a title to aspire for

Tayana-Arystae's avatar

I love the plantto guy💚🌱

VesaiasTheValiant's avatar

Sweet! :thumbsup::D Love the trailer. :heart:

Marvellous job with all the artwork for this game. :clap:

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A novel twist with a very cute touch!

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This looks very cute.

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This is such a cute looking game, I MUST BACK IT XD

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looks adorable and cool :D

Seriously. I sound like a broken record, but this needs an Atelier Escha & Logy/Recettear/Stardew Valley-style RPG spin-off. A dungeon crawler, business/city management sim with a cute atmosphere and charming characters.

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They look so busy!

Guess the city would collapse without them. ;-)

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How does one use dragonfire to grow plants and vegetables? Alos, what's the light blue one on the right corner do?

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the plant dragons and the fancy dragons (2nd from right) - their fires don't burn hot... slightly warm at most. For the plants dragons, their breath can act to attract pollinators, or to repel pests, and do fumigation and the magic makes plants grow better!

For the fancy dragons, their fires can be enormous, and can be shaped into any form and are multicolored. So basically they can put on a pyrotechnics show for you. :D

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So cute! I'm glad you're the one they picked for the art

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What is better than 1 Little Dragon at work?! :D

Answer's obvious, really. Oh, but I just happened to notice, there are 7 of them. Now that's a magic number! Coincidence?!

Dragon Wave Emote

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There are wayyyy more than 7 in the game XD

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Right. What is better than more than 7 little Dragons just too cute to be allowed?!


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Like about 80 of them XD

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