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Flamecraft - Crystalware stall


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A humble glass and crystal stall.
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RageGauge's avatar

I love the idea of dragons helping with the job. Very cute.

Cromwell300's avatar
I showed my son all the different pet dragon pics and he loved them
LeviaStar237's avatar

Ooohhh... :o Lovely artistry... :lol:

lauren14998's avatar
Could be improved with more shadows and texture detail.
sandara's avatar

This is the style I've decided to go with, as it'll take too long to render the image the way I usually do. There's a lot more artwork to complete for this game. :)

Skycommand's avatar

This image frightens me. They way that dragon has propped up the heavy tome against the shelves full of glasses... that's a recipe for trouble.

sandara's avatar

He'll be careful. :)

VesaiasTheValiant's avatar

Wow, all these bottles, vases, pendants, etc., excellent craftsmanship. :thumbsup:

It's also wonderful and adorable to see the dragon writing with a quill. :meow:

Maybe the cute little guy is actually in charge of the stall indeed. ;P

:+fav: :thumbsup::D

Lurks-no-More's avatar

Gorgeous stuff! So the dragon not only provides fire for the glass furnace, but does the bookkeeping. :)

SulaimanDoodle's avatar

Bright n' colourful illustration :D

dbgirl's avatar

Love the expressions on their faces and the colours. Loving the vibes!

I'm noticing the dragons in this series all look like they're just done. Reminds me of a bunch of squidwards. That plus all the human's having this cheerful expression makes it all the more hilarious, I love it.

ACGTaure's avatar

That does remind me of some RPG campaigns around a table with my pals. Good years... I love the different glasswares and the little dragon, who looks so focused on his accounts :) Does he sleep on the money won during the day? :D

sandara's avatar

you know he has a stash of valuables somewhere!

Sparky-Lurkdragon's avatar

I love how determined that little recordkeeper looks!

JNinelives's avatar

Human: I am but a humble merchant here to admire your wares.

Dragonet: Yeah, sure.

I have noticed a general theme of dragons being 'helpers' or doing more labor-intense work in your drawings.

sandara's avatar

They are for a game I’m working on :)

ocean-ripple's avatar

Aww, I love this! But who is actually in charge of the stall? The dragon? The man? Both?

sandara's avatar

Feels like it’s the dragon

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

I can hear the vendors calling to the customers already 😊

Drageline's avatar

Where can we get this game? *_*

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