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Flamecraft - Coffee shop

Would you like some dragon-brewed coffee? :)

It has a puzzle, you can try it here :……
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How utterly adorable!

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Great work. How's things going?

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I just love the sassy pose of the purple dragon. It's like:

"Watch me and learn, silly human! That's how you make good coffee!"

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poor dragons, Karens are going to come and be mean to them for no reason :( Karens love to bully baristas

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Absolutely charming!

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This is so sweet and inviting! I love the colors, the style, the everything!

ToffeeOffe's avatar

Love your backgrounds! Great work!

VesaiasTheValiant's avatar

"If you serve dragon-brewed green tea, I'd be most delighted to try it. :nod:"

Green cup

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this is beautiful! Love the ambience and colors!

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Huh! Unlike the previous Flamecraft images, this image is weird. Everything is out of place. The bottom cupboard and the tray with donuts shouldn't be there like that. Also the wall is bare.

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...Magnificent work ...:clap:...

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Can the Zippos speak. Human tongue?

Because I can imagine her with some sort ofJamaican-Mississippi accent, lecturing about the fine points of roasting coffee.

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They can't speak human tongue. They have their own dragon language, but it's just animal sounds to humans. They do understand what humans say though. :)

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Wonderful, now I have a Stitch thinking: Wot? sorta picture in my inner eye.

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Seeing all these makes me want it to be an animated show, I think it would be amazing. Particularly because of your art style and the atmosphere you've created within the pieces, makes it feel like a lived in fantasy world. Love it.

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By default that is the best coffee shop ever 😊

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This would be my favorite coffee spot and I would visit very often.

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Seeing dragon fire used like that made me wonder.

Do they need mouthwash? What does dragon fire smell like?

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I don't think so. XD Fires that hot are self-cleaning?

Not sure what the fire would smell like though!

how do i live here tell me where's the portal

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Not sure if roasted coffee beans come any fresher than this.

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