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Flamecraft - Cake shop

Get your treats and delicacies here :D

We're running a puzzle for Flamecraft!

Get the correct answer and get an exclusive dragon miniature with any kickstarter pledge.
To help you along, we have a facebook page for Flamecraft :
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Little dragon cute baker working in an adorable bake shop.

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Cute! ^w^ Keep up the good work! I will continue to look forward to these sketches! :love:

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Omg very lovely pic :):heart:

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D'aww so cute! And I love all the little details like the kids looking in through the window and all the different desserts and their decorations. This is beyond precious~ You're doing a great job on these pieces!

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Those cakes are looking delicious! Gimme gimme gimme!
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Muffins, macarons, cakes with butter cream decorations... what's not to love here? I hope your dragons are carnivorous, or this one is going to have some problems :D

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See all those delicious places is making me hungry.

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Every single one of those looks tasty 😊

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He attacc, he protecc, but mostly - he make snacc

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Can't wait for the dragon revolution to happen.

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It's so beautifully designed and inviting.

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That is wonderfully made and so adorable :D I would totally shop there.

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Now that, I'd love to go and dine at!

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Adorable. Beautiful. Cute. 3/3

I am hungry again. For cake.

Is... Is that cake burning? And the muffins?


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This is beautiful!!


wonderful picture!!!

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