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Flamecraft - Bakery

Another shop card artwork for Flamecraft!

Get KS notification for the game here :
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I get he's very helpful with keeping the fire going! :D Just don't burn the bread! :noes:

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This is flat out awesome, no questions asked.

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I want a job where I can work with a little dragon!

VesaiasTheValiant's avatar

Aww... :aww: Well, if anyone can use fire in baking like a pro, it's gonna be a dragon. :thumbsup:;-)

Dragon Wave Emote :+fav: :heart:

DestinieKirby's avatar

Soooo cute! Look at that little dragon baking bread! You have done such a lovely job with these. I love the expressions, and the warm colors. :D

Grace-Zed's avatar

Aww this is so adorable! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1]

dark-dragoon-gao's avatar

They really are just too cute and quite helpful.

Dgs-Krieger's avatar

This is an adorable scene! :D

thelegoking99's avatar

I'm surprised the dragon doesn't bake them with his flame breath.

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Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

This is the epitome of preciousness 😊

YoucandoA's avatar

So cute ^^:heart: Nice works!

It's like the Atelier series meets Miyazaki meets Havok & Hijinks (other cute dragon game)! I really hope this does well, ever since work on the expansion for Havok & Hijinks just stopped, I've been looking for another dragon game to play. Hopefully, this one will do better.

treadmikeway's avatar
This is delightful!
kikiTV20's avatar

This is a really cute masterpiece!!!

albedoequals1's avatar

My gosh, so adorable

StargazeAndSundance's avatar

The artwork and overall style is gorgeous. Would love to buy the game, alas I don't use credit cards of any sort. Any chance to buy/preorder/back the project via Giropay/Google Pay/PayPal or anything?

sandara's avatar

I think PayPal should be ok? Will have to see when the Kickstarter begins. :)

StargazeAndSundance's avatar

Thank you, that would be really great!

EduSouSil's avatar

Looks delicious! =3

Aniseth-LightWing's avatar

Yep, buying this as soon as it comes out. Just waaaay too cute!

Moiken's avatar

aaawwww. I die. >.<

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