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Face 12

Some more practice!

painted with reference. :…
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Love how you are dealing with the details! so clear and nice to see Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]

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Ye the eyes being closed it probably the best part I wouldn't ever have successfully done that
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Wow! How did you learn to paint skin so well?

Hi, I'm Fernando and I live in Brazil. I would like to know if I can use this magnificent image of yours, (but I saw her with red hair, and that was what caught my attention, because she is identical to the Lady of the Lake that we see) mixed in editing, with an image of the Lady of the lake in a cave with others enchanted beings in a drawing provided by Susan Schroder (Swift of Spring Portal). I am developing a spiritual website, where a group of mediums channel beings who lived through the Round Table of Merlin and King Arthur. One of them is the Lady of the Lake, who calls herself the Representative of the Enchanted World. She tends to sing and invoke these beings when she introduces herself. That is why this image is perfectly because she is exactly like that, but with red hair. I can pay, depending on the price, if you agree. Gratitude, Fernando.

She’s lovely! Is it all right if I use her for a character portrait for an RPG? Nothing commercial.
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Really lovely. 
very nice work
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Very pretty,very well thought out art.
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The detail is amazing! I love it!
I LOVE this one!
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I love the downcast look and the almost muted colors!
Very Beautiful.
Are you In Atlanta?
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Really love it !
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I've featured your work on my journal. :clap:
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Beautiful! Love the serenity with the downcast eyes. Lovely! 
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Wonderful! I like how you managed to recreate her somewhat messy hair with such style and kept many of the unique quirks too.

Btw, to me it gives the impression that she's a cross between Elsa and Maleficent.
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ho I almost forgot to add a comment so.....
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She seems gentle yet fierce. Well done!
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I love this work!
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