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An elf doing some enchanting work on a sword. 
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"It's Futile." the elders chastised.

"Useless folly." The dwarven lords admonished.

"Precious time thrown aside like so much rubbish." The King of giants crudely confessed.

"Only a warrior," his Elven master added with a firm and unshakable certainty. "...only one who has faced death. One who has known battle. One whose hand has been forced to take a life can forge a blade worthy of the field of battle. Without the mark of death upon it's masters soul...

...the blade will never forge a killing blow."

But little Cordis pressed on. With hammer, fire, and anvil he forged the blade. With heart and soul he enchanted it. He had no intention of crafting another killing blade.


No this blade would be something...

...different. Something...


He would call his blade "Pace en Cordia", for instead of drawing blood from the hearts of those it struck the enchantment would sow the seeds of peace...

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I love your cristals. It's an inspiration to me, I was wondering how to improve my cristal I know ^^

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Well,....Too small to be Excaliber... but it looks great all the same.

Great Work!

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This is such a beautiful and polished work and concept, I absolutely love it!

Do you do commission work?

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Sorry, not at the moment.

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I love the colours and shadows on this one and how relaxed the elf looks. Magick isn't difficult, it's the most relaxing thing in the world for them. Beautifully done.,

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Amazing, I love everything about this amazing work. The style, the colors, the details, Just perfect! Llama Emoji 34 (Sexy Smile) [V2]

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How do you draw this good. My mind is just too feble to understand
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Practice over decades. XD

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beautifully done colour and detail

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I love the peaceful feeling.

I love how airy this looks. Good job

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So grand, so glorious, so beautiful!

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Dazzling, this drawing is fantastic.

Deslumbrante, este dibujo es fantástico.

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I love the little gryffs.

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This is so cute! I love all the bright colors. Everything looks very peaceful

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SO COOL! :lol: Excellent job! :D I love the visualization you got here! The scenery, the enchantment itself, the "griffins", etc! :love: LOVE IT!!!

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