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E vs N

a scene from Robert Fannéy's 2nd book [link]

why are my pics always so mono-color @_@

thanks to everyone who showed up at the LS of this pic :D
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Looking at the comments, I'm guessing that the one with the sword is a guy(?) named Ecthellien (something?), but what's the dragons name?

Sweet pic anyway.
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This is like:
Human: I'm going to kill you!
Dragon: Seriously??? Lol
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I must say that at first glance this looks absolutely suicidal pointing a blade at a dragon that size.
Do you do these for book covers?? I am looking for some art for covers?
It's very beautiful.
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Here is where she says "Give me you power!" or something?
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I just found your artwork...but I'm awestruck by it' 
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I've favorited a lot of your art and its about time for me to leave you a comment. Your art work is stunning.
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Awesome performance bro. :D
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erza vs natsu I LOOOOOOVE your work ! unbelievably amazing
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My thoughts exactly when I saw this piece! 
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mon-color looks wonderful!
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Amazing detail and work- the textures and colors all blend wonderfully!
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just cool, nice work
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Absolutely fantastic rendering of the scene.
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Beautiful detail on the dragon
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Just cause there's one base-color doesn't mean they're any less fantastic.
I think this is awesome
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Amazing details.
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OH GOD! you are genius!
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Oh my god this is amazing!!!!
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T_T....Dragon, I want!

don't kill it are both cool---become a dragon rider
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May I please use this on the cover of one of my ebooks? I love this pic so much!
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