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....if the War Rig were a dragon.

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Do you know how F****** TERRIFYING but also BADA** this would be!!!??? I mean seriously! As if the war rig wasn't bad enough, then you up the scale by giving her a dragon? Damn...

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I am just gonna... borrow this. I am running a Mad Max Fantasy themed D&D Game and this is fucking fitting as hell.
This is awesome!
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The use of color here is absolutely stunning. There is so much control in the composition, down to the placement of the bright red in the eye. This is wonderful!
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Daaaaaaaaang. Now that is a brilliant and creative idea!
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Mist this one some how , awesome piece!
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Your artwork is stunning! I would love to see more detail in this work in the scales of the dragon and around its eyes. Still, I love all of the colors that you have blended in here. I love the small skulls on the dragon's horn as well as the sand rising up from the breeze. That was a really nice touch. I also love just how big the dragon is compared to the person. You get a really good feel for the beast's size. The mood here is also very fitting for Dusk. Great work!
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..someone claimed onto that things snout to tie human skulls onto the horn, badass.
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Omg, that is the most badass thing I've seen all day :aww:
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Freaking Mad Max. I love the nose skulls.
Now dat's what I call "a really huge backup" Can't wait ta see Max ridin' one
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Mad Max meets dragons. Love it <3
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I like how the big, wide sky compliments the largeness of the dragon. Great work!
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This...this just feels MASSIVE. Well done, I love it!Shock And Awe - NaNoEmo Day 6 
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can you make a full body picture of the dragon
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Wow, that's one big dragon.  Seems like a gentle giant though.  :D unless you forget to feed him >.<
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I think you just gave my friend a heart attack
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