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more practice on face
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For as lovely as her face it, what really captures my attention here is the touch of Autumn on her body. It appears as if she is armored by the season, protected by Mother Nature. It makes one wonder if she has this gift for all of the seasons. :)

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beautiful! I love the light and shadow on her face!

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It's so elegant.

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i like that. Are you in Astri Lohne's Discord Commuity?

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Love the determination in her look

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Wow! Really Wonderful work is here - you must so much strenths take in it :heart::heart::heart:

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Great image. Mesmerizing.

Glad it is autumn. The leaves are falling.

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Beautiful, just beautiful.

dang, what a design! :D

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Looks like the Witcher's ones!:meow:


wonderful picture!!!

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Nice hair. And I like the way there's just a hint of a grain to the fur on her lower (deer?) part

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How are you able to practice adding the proper shading & lighting placements on your drawings like this one?

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i use a reference photo :) it doesn't have the exact pose or color, but it has the kind of shadows I want. By referencing from a photo, I can then see how the light and shadows fall on the face.

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I'm sorry. Can you explain it better by leaving a comment on my recent drawings. Please?

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I like the fall design version of the dryad! Very pretty!

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