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Dragon Age 2 guys

my fav characters from the Bioware game, Dragon Age 2.

Default Hawke, Anders and Fenris. :)
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I love the addition of a cat for Anders. Considering you gift him a cat in Origins. Clap 
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These are very adorable. I can only think one thing to make it better.

*Pulls out a gun and shoots Anders* "Found a spot for you Merril!"

(I don't like him)
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If you don't like Anders then leave artists who draw him alone, seriously.
ArtistGamerMage's avatar
i haven't done anything to the artist, i stated that the art is cute, and then expressed how i think it could be better
Euryalex's avatar
No, you see that the artist drew their favourite characters and think it's nice to comment how you want to kill one of them ON THE ART ITSELF. THAT'S NOT SAYING HOW IT SHOULD BE BETTER THAT'S JUST BEING STRAIGHT UP RUDE.
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Haha this one made me grin. Really cute! :)
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love them! chibi dragon age is the best! 
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Really Cute. Love the style of it this. You did a really great job of capturing the feel of each of the characters! Love it. Great piece.  
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They are adorable.🙂
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Love Anders :3 such a brilliant character "Hello Ser-Pounce-a-lot, still intact I see"
Khaleesi2Pleasi's avatar
So cute! My favs too :)
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Oh yes, my favorite party was pretty much the same (with a female Hawke though), and keeping both Anders and Fenris happy was soo tricky... ^_^
(And the picture is real cute!)
xX-Aphexlyna-Xx's avatar
I just died!! Little Anders is the most adorable thing I have seen in a long time :D
Midnight-Halla's avatar
Ahhh Fenris *^* very cute~
Naraenia-chan's avatar
aww... there so cute.i love anders and his little kitty!
Salvada's avatar
I got myself buttons with all of them on one convention, I really love them!
sandara's avatar
These exact ones?
I've never sold them at conventions. X3
Salvada's avatar
I took a photo of them, take a look :D
I was on 2 conventions, on both I saw posters, bookmarks and mouse pads with your dragon artworks, I recognize them immediately ;)
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Could we get this one in wallpaper form too, please? :3 :]
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