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Dino and Pirate

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This makes me think of Magic The Gathering, when they did Rivals of Ixalan.

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Dinosaurs, pirates, and ritual-pyramids... the only way there could possibly be any more onscreen awesomeness is if the Predator were having a lightsaber-duel in the background. Wonderful work.

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I sure hope that gun is strong! Or storing a good spell! 
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Incredible work. Was this ever put on an Ixalan card?
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Welcome to Zandalar please get in the Dino's mouth.
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Have to give her credit for her courage.  That can be on her epitaph, along with "she was a delightful snack".
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Miss Fortune docking in Zandalar?
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A flintlock might as well be a B.B. gun for all it can do, short of a VERY luck shot straight down the eye socket into the brain. It was rare to kill elephants with those in one shot, and that was in part because they have a bigger brain to target. A smaller, thin brain and thick skull, that’s a problem here. A heart shot would have to be at close range to penetrate, and could take five minutes to bring it down. Nope, she’s not getting through this.
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I'd aim at the open mouth and see what damage I could do that way, I don't know if that would kill it, yet might wound it enough for it to rethink it's meal choice.  I mean if you aimed up into the mouth you might hit something sensitive. 
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ayeee another mtg reference . i love it
Definitely using this for a D&D campaign.
This is basically the next World of Warcraft expansion in one picture.
warhammer or ? ;D
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This could easily be the setting for another Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Yeah and that would be really cool.
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Phew - this looks so damn detailed!
I love the whole scenery - you chose a wonderful composition for this. And I love the colors, and the details... (I know, I already mentioned the details - but I really like them. Like the water, and all those scales on the dinosaur and so on). Light and shadow look wonderful, too.
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Was that inspired by the new MTG set Ixalan? 
It lovely... :)
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I doubt that gun is going to save you....RIP PIRATE LADY! 
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Are these Dino pictures based off Ixalan. I love these <3
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Awesome! I love the dinosaur's colors and details!
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