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Denizens of the Old Forest

Artwork done for Iron Crown.
Please do not use, thank you!

© Iron Crown 2018
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© 2018 - 2021 sandara
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This looks so cool and epic!
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Would love to have my own set of wings so much...
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Love the color contrast, a green dragon with the reds and browns on the warrior! Wonderful work!
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Wicked! That dragon is my spirit animal Love 
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This is an awesome piece, great work!
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I'm sure you get tired of the same old question.. but.. but.. how long would a masterpiece like this take you?  If you don't mind my asking!? Just trying to speed up my work rate whilst maintaining a level of quality.. and well.. I'm struggling!! As for this particular piece I absolutely love it. I love all things fantasy and nature and this is the most insanely beautiful combination of the two I think I have ever seen. Bravo!! Clap Love :happybounce: I think I've fainted. 
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Your arts are amazing. I'm a huge fan.
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Fantastic work, the dragon looks like it's really a part of nature :) and the warrior with the wings - double the badassness :D great great job :)
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The greenness and natural feel of the dragon makes me imagine Ysera without her armor and ornamental pieces. :3
Very well done~
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O_O DAMN...this is so cool.

That Dragon reminds me SO much of Gmork from the Never-Ending Story...

Eye Zoom 
risingstar1011's avatar
Hmm, the lady has wings, is there some dragon in her heritage?
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This dragon . . . It makes me think of Mother Nature. Nature isn’t inherently kind. It can be nurturing and helpful, and bear forth many wonders, but if you’re not strong enough to survive as the world changes around you it will chew you up and spit you out until you’re nothing more than a relic or remaint of a long-distant past. And the earth will keep on spinning without us, without nary a care. 

Which is , quite possibly, the fate of the human race if we don’t get our shit together and figure out how to co-habitate on this planet without killing each other and everything else on it since so many of us are so damn entitled to everything seeing as we’re the “superior” species.

. . . Ahem. I really, really like the dragon please don’t mind my little rant it’s early and I’m tired have a nice day. Heck I might circle back around later and write up a proper little fantasy piece, who knows. Have a good day, never stop being awesome!
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Wow, this is awesome.  Thanks for commenting on my feeble dragon.  I have a lot to learn :)
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Keep practicing! :)
Hi, Sandara I've just written a book with dragons in it and I was hoping you could email me at

Regards pete
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Love the dual wings!
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