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DW4 - demonlord



final final pic XD

a big thank you to everyone who contributed suggestions and crits. i wish i could have put in more stuff, but deadline's coming and i still have the modelling sheet to do.

DemonLord Sarloth

He's the devious evil vizier kind of demon lord. His powers are necromantic; having a weak body, he assassinated the Fire Lord A'gognazh and wears his body as some sort of protective armor, as well as some physical attacking ability. and also to creep the other demon lords out.
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The purple makes a good visual focus and leads the attention of the viewer into the "innards" of the demon. I especialy like the ram's head, lying haf in shadow and the perspectivly well thrust out sword/saber.

What I don't like so much is the portal in the background. The borders look too "painted". It doesn't seem as if the world is disintegrating at the borders and falling in pieces into the portal, but it seems as if it was just not painted as detailed as the rest.

I can't really see if it is a cloud or a tree or something else to the left of the figure.
The mainfigure has many very nicely elaborated details, the costal arch, the ripping skin, the little technological looking tentacles, but a few more Details would benefit the background and the portal.

All in all a very impressive picture and I hope this critique can help you.