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Crystallized Dragon

By sandara
i wish I could make this somehow!

Get a little silver dragon statue and stick it in a plastic mold and pour transparent plastic over it or something, I dunno XD
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I would so like an inkwell that looked like this.  Maybe made in uranium glass with some UV LEDs under it so it would glow like this.
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You are *so* incredibly talented!  Your work is absolutely stunning!
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I wish I could have these items on my desk :)
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I wish I could have one in real life! It looks amazing! :D
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I love this one madly.
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It is possible to do the plastic mold over a statue. I had one years ago and I wish I had not gotten rid of it. It was a mother and baby dragon. Now I can't find it for sale anywhere to get it again.
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Oh I was looking for the artist who did this!
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Hi i want ask you if you are Benjamin xiao pan student ? it seem i already see this illustration in the school
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Hello! I'm looking for a cool piece to make a puzzle with it. If you would agre, would you have a super high resolution version of this great piece of art?
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i love your art style!  not too clean and refined, but not too jagged and messy :happybounce: 
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wow this is beautiful ...i love this little dragon Love  
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that would be a fantastic decoration for my room
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I am totally going to make this!
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That's amazing! Great Artwork, thanks for sharing!
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If yo wanted to make one and you already have the dragon or know where to get/make one, I would suggest this resin - it's literally like glass:…
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Wow! Thats really cool:D I don't know if I would keep it or try to free the little dragon!
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Aw, poor dragon Waaaah!   Forever doomed to get dusty in an old cupboard...
But I love how you did the gem or chrystal with the sort of glowy effect and rough shape Love 
wow it seem evil and waiting for a fool 
This dragon might be still alive waiting for someone to find it:)
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