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Creme brulee


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I'm in love with this image 😍😍😍

Glad to find the source of this wonderful image. For whatever reason, this piece makes me ridiculously happy every time I look at it! Thank you for sharing your creativity!

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I'm a chef and I love dragons and this is so darn cool! Thank you for this piece of magic! ❤

oh please add this to your prints shop!

I have never seen something so cute and creative at the same time.

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This picture always makes me smile, and I'm glad to have finally found its source!

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In a magical world~

With a magic cafe~

There's a tiny dragon~

That makes creme brulee~

I sung it.

It was fantastic.

Like right outta Saturday Morning Before Breakfast Cartoon.

It's about a little Zippo that didn't know what job he wanted (NO! he does not want to be a firefighter XD)

So he's just cruising around on the shoulder of its human looking at all the jobs he could do.

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This is beautiful <3 love it with all my soul

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Fantastic artwork, I adore this and admire the word you've created in it

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This is so cute!!!

I recently found this picture and love this and the caption that is usually added:

In a magical world

With a magic cafe

There's a tiny dragon

That makes creme brulee

This. This is the incredibly wholesome image me and my friends are always sure to repost whenever we see it out in the wild, and I'm so happy to have finally tracked down where it originally came from! "Always repost hardworking cafe dragon," we say. Thank you for this luminous gift.

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this is wondrous, well done!

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so glad I was able to track this back after i saw it shared in a discord, all of your art is so amazing!!! i hope it’s alright if i scroll your gorgeous work for DnD campaign inspiration

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That is beautiful! I love it!

Hi Sandara, Is there a story that goes with this image--is it part of a book or short story? Would love to read it!:D

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Always tip your waiter ^_^

OMG!! I adore this!!! I love thinking of the story behind this scene! So simple, yet so beautifully done!😍😍😘♥️

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A dragon has to earn a living too.

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The picture is going viral on facebook without credit

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Yeah. :/ People have been posting this image to places I watch, and when I ask who made it they just go "don't know, found it on the internet."

LOL this is how I got here.

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Mundane uses for fantastic abilities are a joy.

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