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Corgi and fairy (updated)


Edit : Updated this old image. :)

Someone posted on FB that corgis used to be the steeds of fairies, that's why they had the "saddle" fur patch. :)

Chibi version is here! Corgi T-shirt / prints by sandara
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I'd watch that animated epic fantasy feature film.

Lilliputians riding dachshunds too?

Reepicheep riding a Lynx?


Elon Musk riding a Shiba Inu!

Corgis and Fairies. Both are truly warriors. Together, they cannot be touched.

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There is 18,157 likes in this. And you dang well deserve each and every one of them and more.
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Haha!  I never would have expected to see a corgi in this type of art.  But damn if you didn't make it awesome.
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Ok this one got me.  Not a real fan of corgis but this goes in my favorites as the Wee Folk on a Battle Corgi  is just too perfect to pass up.
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Awww I've seen this art on a book! :D It's so cute!!
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I've seen this as a book cover somewhere... am I crazy? I think it is somewhere in this house, actually.
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yes, it was used as a book cover. :)
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That's nice and looks lovely, but it is no Battlepug. ;-)
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Cute! I like the coloursHeart 
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*Pets the corgi*
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hooooooooow so so so cute!
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Princess Mononoke corgi version! Love 
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I knew I remembered seeing this ages ago. I still absolutely love it :love:
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oohh I remember this art! now I wanna see a side by side comparison to see the changes heh
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love this image
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For an adorable fluffy fur ball , this one is remarkably intimidating. Love the expression. 
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