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Corgi And Fairy 2

First artwork of 2018!
A return to these two.... :)

edit : I tried to fix the scaling issue a little...
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Come trrusty stead, stop licking thy butthole

I think I read that book

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Battle Corgi!  One of the best I've seen.
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CORGIS... and fairies the best mashup, great artwork!
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The Corgi will win the Battle on Cuteness Alone!!!!! EXTREME TENDERS!!!!!
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the mightiest of steads 
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Corgi is so big! lol Cute though. I want to go hunting with a giant Corgi.
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Just a question if she's a fairy where are her wings?  I could see her being an elf since she has the ears and the more fantasy like garment. 
Ever seen children pick the wings off of flies? Poor little gal.
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This is amazing.
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Nice, and cute^^
I think that fairy needs to get a coonhound
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Oh wow, nice! I love the reference to Irish mythology, too! At least, I think it was Irish. I know in some kinda mythology fairies were said to have ridden on the backs of corgis.
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Fantastic work. I really like the staging and the coloring of this piece.
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It is so beautiful!This can be a very nice  dakimakura pillow..(* Q *), very impressed. Do you accept commission if i print your pillow? My website is
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such a cute concept! I would watch this movie if Disney decided to make it
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