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People and their pets.
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LOL, when I saw the thumbnail, for some reason I thought they were supposed to represent the four seasons! What's wrong with me? XD

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These are all so awesome!

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HOw come the male character is half naked and insanely sexulized (huge unrealistic muscles, and six pack) but the female characters are fully covered up and prudish (flat as a board chest, no hips, no hint of cleavage, etc)

Pretty sexist double standard.

Really? It’s a bunch of character designs and you’re worried about how the female characters aren’t buff?

Honor-ra's avatar

Beautifully done and the colours are wonderful.

VesaiasTheValiant's avatar

This deviation reminded me of the fantasy strategy video game Wrath Unleashed. :greetings:

Most notably the 4 demigods who compete for the Throne of Gaia in the game's story.

They even had the same colour themes as these four commanders, corresponding to the

elements of Wind Violet-orb, Earth Green-orb, Fire Fire-orb & Water Ultrablue Orb.

Either way, I love this piece! :thumbsup::D :heart: :+fav:

camelotcrusade's avatar

I love it! Thanks for sharing it with us. ✨

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Pimpernel's avatar

Beautiful collection :)

FrancineMaile's avatar
These are amazing! I love the detail in all of them 😍 So fantastical and epic 🙌
Bakrath's avatar

These are all quite amazing! I think I like the ones on the right the most as well. Gorgeous colors and details on all of them. Love the variety of pets presented.

silentwolves's avatar

i like the pair on the right most. they are all great, its just the right side ones are my favorites

MelodicChronic's avatar

Very excellent work! 4 distinctively different characters.

CrazyMathNerd's avatar

This is beautiful!

Shenlong13's avatar

Why do I have a feeling the Elf is using spirit magic, not only to summon familiars but to shoot arrows from a bow without the bowstring?

Ryuzuki98's avatar

This is just downright amazing!!

JustPoli's avatar
They look like the Bows in Der Eisendrache (the Black Ops 3 Zombie Map), spectacular

Quotes from each

Necromancer:Let's go my children.

Huntress:And so,the hunt begins!

Barbarian:I love you,Smaug. Now let's go hit stuff!

Caster:There are many elements that make up this world;but out of all of them, water is the greatest. Don't you agree, my pets?

Jackson5579's avatar
Amazing! There’s dark, life, fire, and water.
Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Those are some pretty awesome pets too :D

DatToffer's avatar

Splendid ! Especially love all the pets !

AyaelShay's avatar

SO BADASS I love them all !

Ryuu-Haku's avatar

Vivien and Mu Yanling from MTG spotted ! :D and almost Sarkhan Vol for the red one ^^ but amazing job ;)


the necromancer and his skeletal horde, the elf and her spirit guides, the barbarian and his dragon, the hydormancer and her sea-serpents!!

amazing pictures!!

do any of these have names?

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