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Coloring tutorial - 04

my basic coloring tutorial, part 4 of 4

d/l my custom brush
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wonderfull tutorial!!
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I was looking for the full version of the painting seen here in your gallery, but I can't find it. Any idea if you uploaded it or not?
W0lfS0ul's avatar
This tutorial has been SO helpful. Thank you for doing it!

I was wondering, does your custom brush download work for Paint tool sai?
Parisien-Girl28's avatar
OMG thanks so much, I have been looking for a tutorial like this one for so long!
The best!  This is so helpful.
ExoticTemptress's avatar
This is wonderful! I have been trying to get back into digital art (sadly I am without a tablet right now) and this will be very helpful when I am able to draw on my computer again. The colours are wonderful and the way you do detailing is actually quite simple despite it being a pain in the butt. Thank you very much for this! 
greendragon22's avatar
It's awesome to see your drawing process. Thanks so much for this!
midnight-melodies's avatar
Thanks for this very helpful tutorial ! I would never have imagined that you only used 2 brushes xD
fele1's avatar
Panda Emoji-01 (Clapping) [V1] so good draw 
Addigni's avatar
Your tutorials are so helpful

can i tell you i love you? ..... :|
MAD-Ina's avatar
xVera's avatar
Thank you so much! I just started digital drawing. This is really helpful :3
JeannetteHenriette's avatar
Absolutely awesome O_O The picture is very pretty and the explanation is really detailed! I will definitely be looking at this for help during my next attempt at digital art :)
Lyssana11's avatar
Reading this whole tutorial is like watching magic happen. Very lovely!
Chimera-Fox's avatar
it's nice to see a tutorial from a good artist (and a detailed one at that!) thx 4 the tutorials, it will be a pleasure to Watch you :)
ILoveHalav's avatar
amazing tutorial! followed it and made a dragon of my own :)
Adrian-Drott's avatar
Thanks! Very helpful, specially the custom brushes part. I need to get better at using them :P
cnicht's avatar
wow. that was incredible. its amazing how simple it was to achieve that look! beautiful. i cant wait to try this out. thank you so much for the super informative and easy to follow tutorial! <3
GatesofIvory's avatar
also how do i download your brush :(?
GatesofIvory's avatar
probably one of the best tutorials I have ever seen, thanks for sharing it!
CerebralPizza's avatar
What a fantastic lesson! THANK YOU for sharing your talent!
Gwendolyn-malfoy's avatar
seriously, we're not all Da Vinci..
FlamesofFireLily's avatar
I love all your tutorials !! Especially the color tutorials.
I learned a LOT of tips that I'll be sure to try out in my works :D!
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