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Coloring tutorial - 01

my basic coloring tutorial, part 1 of 4

d/l my custom brush
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The finished picture looks amazing and I am struggling to find a good technique I can use, so I will definitely try and follow. :)
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Greaatt! but what does the Mulitply option really do?
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idk if u have found out by now, but it takes the color u have selected and multiplies it to create a darker shade, if u take blue and paint it, then creat layer ontop and use the same blue, it will make it darker because it multiplied it, overly / color dodge are like the opposite. 
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Yeah I've found it out already, but still thanks for the attempt. Have a nice day/evening/morning!
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Also, multiply preserves the values of the bottom layer! Sorry if you already know this :4
These are excellent!  Thanks
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This is so helpful! I just got a tablet and I'm looking to learn anything I can on digital painting, thank you for your tutorials!  :)
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May I borrow parts of this tutorial for a powerpoint I'm doing for school?  It won't be technically public since it's just a speech on digital art for class and I will credit you.
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I literally love you for posting this, tutorial like these with a lot of interesting details are extremely helpful! I just want you to know that I appreciate so much people like you who help others just because they have time for it. Thanks you thank you thank you <3
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what program do you use for your paintings

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she uses photoshop
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hello, sorry but I can not understand how you did it: (nice tutorial but I'm almost at the beginning of digital painting brush and do not understand that you used to color the bases (I refer to the last 2 images) .... thanks
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are you referring to the 'multiply' layer thing? because in that case she just changed the setting of the layer as you can do in pretty much any decent painting program (even the free ones) or the brush, she used the Airbrush Pen opacity Flow brush, it comes with photoshop or something else?
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Thank you for these tutorials :) They are so very helpful.
I've played with overlay and multiply before but never really understood colour dodge and a few others since they seemed to do weird things and I found it easier to work without them. Perhaps I'll have another look into them :)
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What makes dA amazing is the fact that they're artists like you here, willing to give en extra effort just to teach their fellow painters how to become better and not taking any reward for this. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaank you!
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I just need to ask, did you learn this all by yourself? Your art is incredible! :)
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That's really helpful. Thank you for such a precisely done tutorial :)
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why do we use the "multiply" layer for the verst bacground gradient layer and the second layer after that??

and amazing tutorial.
i migght actually improve after reading this *_*
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I am studying this tutorial, thanks!
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This is really helpful. Thank you very much =)
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this is like magic! beautiful!
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question, why do you use 'Multiply Layer'?
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