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A collab with an ex-student of mine. :)

So glad to see that he has never stopped drawing every day even after graduation!…
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Did the student drop out?
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Beutiful features and design of the ink "dragon".
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I like this one, and the ink animal are very cute.
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These are beautiful, what is the process of your collaboration, do you both work on individual character design or did one of you do the background and the other do character?
Hardwing's avatar
Looks magically!
CMVreud's avatar
When the house gnome found an ink-dragon
Vader2222's avatar
I’m getting a league of legends vibe from this
Vader2222's avatar
Yeah that might be it
Serazimei's avatar
This looks so amazing! It just makes my imagination run wild~
MariaEnzianiaKober's avatar
It's beautiful - and that "ink creature" seems quite happy! She too, but somehow also a bit "passionate" or something like that. I also like the room atmosphere - it's somewhat very "warm", and a bit like a warm, beautiful fire that is somewhere close. And - oh, I love all the colors, and transitions, and highlights in this picture!
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that ink monster is so cute!! +o+
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It's so beautiful, well done to your ex-student and yourself for creating that!
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I can't help but drink in the details abound in this piece. But I think my favorite, albeit wacky, favorite portion of this is the way the ink flows from red to blackish blue. There's something so mesmorizing about that color change to me! Great work as always!
ZiddersRoofurry's avatar
That's my favorite part of this as well. 
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: 3

yeah it IS wonky if you think about it. It's because we couldn't decide to have blue ink (stands out too much) or red ink (makes the whole composition too warm toned), so we went with both!
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I love it though, the transition is just beautiful :3 
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This is really cool and cute! :3
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