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Clifford the big red dog

...fanart, sort of. XD

my kid is into the Clifford books these days.

edit : I had not known that Clifford's 50 years anniversary was just a few days ago! A happy coincidence. :)

and it seems like a movie version IS in the works ...…
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They're making a movie ^^

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You've cursed us all

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I know this is old but I had to come back here because of the new Clifford movie coming out (and plus I just got this). This is so amazing! I remember reading the books at school, one of the only things I would read. 😂 That’s so talented!

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This is gorgeous... Like, seriously. Like, takes my breath away. I think I watched a few episodes of this, it's been years but *wow*. This is something else.

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Clifford, the Big Red Dog by ClariceElizabeth
I have a new Clifford fan art right here. And a new Clifford movie is currently in the works, this time it is distributed by Paramount Pictures.
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He looks like a giant irish settler 
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Using it as my desktop and it's perfect in anyway
Print for sale please.
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this is sooo cool! 
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The biggest good boy ever. 
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Looks like a golden retriever but with more red sitter in it .. beautiful .
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"Big red dog my ass! EMILY WANTS THAT BIG RED ROCKET!"

~Berleezy 2016
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AYYY I used to love that show as a kid! X3
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I admit. I loved watching this show as a kid. until they took it off the air!
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I couldn't breathe for a few seconds, was too stunned!
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Words can't describe this!
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<3 reminds me of when i was little.
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I volunteer at a vet's office and the receptionist said the vet bill usually depends on the dog's size. I then said I wondered how much Clifford's vet bills would be. Unfortunately she's never heard of the Clifford series and I described him as a dog that's the size of a dinosaur. She said she wouldn't want to be the one to clean up after him.  

Great pic, BTW! You rarely see fan art in a realistic style.
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