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Chicago dragon playmat

Done for the Chicago MtG Grand Prix in June.
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I would be so much happier in Chicago if dragons destroyed the place.

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"nothing important was lost"
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That is *picks jaw up* GOBSMACKING. 
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Windy City Wacky Weirdness!
And this is in the summertime!

HammerinInkminer's avatar
...hands down one of the best dragon scenes I've been fortunate enough to witness in today's time -- a block buster should be made in its honor.
DunkleMaterie's avatar
You got Islam and Antifa working on that already.
No need for a non-human threat. B-)
TimeInFlux's avatar
Oh no my home ;o
lol this is awesome. I love the fact that one dragon is taking a sign like like a souvenir ;D
lemansspyroew's avatar
I love Chicago, been there 10 times since I live about 2 hours away from it. I've been inside the Willis Tower and in the parking garage in the John Hancock Center. Imagine if I saw this when I was there, oh god, XD
DreamNoble's avatar
This is what humans get for forgetting that dragons exist
shikomekidomi's avatar
Meanwhile all the dragons are looking at each other and going "okay, who invited the tentacle monster?".
DreamNoble's avatar
(Kraken) "I did"
Lovetheblue's avatar
this would be the best apocalypse EVER!
OtachiKaiju68's avatar
yup Zombies are Overatted let's Throw in Some Dragons and other Monsters that are way dangerous than Zombies!! :D
Lovetheblue's avatar
Fear1ing's avatar
Sweet home, Chicago ~ ♫ 
RolandLatoreSpeed's avatar
Hey, that's where I live! Wish that could happen in RL...
Wonderful picture, love the vividness and the snow...
WilliwawWanderings's avatar
AggressiveHaunter777's avatar
At first I thought that it a dragon on a skateboard xD
EliBurrySchnepp's avatar
Someone call  Harry Dresden!
Flaren2276's avatar
Chicago is now a giant pile of ruble after all the movies and this
coinindubh's avatar
I love your style
SPARTAN-180's avatar
Where's the Dragonborn when you need him? And is that......The Kraken!
Laval36's avatar
Seriously? I am rather fond of dragons, and you make them the bad guys?
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