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It's been so long since I painted something that was not Flamecraft. XD
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What a gorgeous piece! It looks like she's a statue come to life or something, on such a grand plinth.

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Very majestic. ^_^

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Ooh! :O_o: That's majestic. :nod:

I love it! :thumbsup::D :heart: :+fav:

Pixel: Pixel Emoticon ~Western Dragon

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I love the lighting and the environment. it feels so warm and happy! I especially love the petals floating in the air and how you painted the wind. So spectacular, keep up the good work!!

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The way the wings drape on either side of the pillar are my favorite part of this painting.

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So majestic, lovely

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It's a pretty rare sight, isn't it? Instead of being held captive by a dragon, the princess instead OWNS the dragon. As a pet. 🐶

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Daenerys says hi…

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Beautiful! They look so proud and noble :la:

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Amazing work you’ve done

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The Flamecraft dragons were amazing but the return to your usual style is a refreshing change of pace. The body language on the dragon is excellent. He's just happy to be here.

well trained dragon to just sit through an entire ceremony...

wonderful picture!!!

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My god your work always amazes me!

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Beautiful!! The colors and atmosphere are amazing!😍

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That would make an amazing bakery. ;)

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Looks great! c:

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