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Bone Dragon

Something I did for Konami SG almost 1 year ago...
Their game finally launched - Chain of Souls
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I love your picture of the Bone Dragon!

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That glowing orb, is that it's power force? I'm not going to say life force because, well...
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I like how primitive it looks. The skull is big and looks a bit clumsy,not very good for fly.The eyes seem to be on the sides of the head, making active hunting or spying food way harder. The limps are still very big, witch alsow impacts flying and is rather good for running on the ground or (maybe) climbing. It looks like a species of dragon that A) goes the way from living on the ground to flying or B) a species of dragon that lived mostly in the air or high places and goes the evelotionary way to live on the ground or in caves.And this bone dragon is in the middel of that evolution, and later just died, while his kind further evolved.
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I love dragons especially skull dragons
FNAFGal26's avatar
Skeleton dragons, I think...
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Greetings fellow dragon, i'm sure you'll fit in living in my Kingdom.
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Death can't stop me...🐲
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That is so amazing! I love the shading and details!
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Its name should Bonich. (Pronounced Bone-iik)

Also, listen to this while listening to this:…
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Wow! amazing :+fav:!
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:iconrainbowdragon14: if you love dragons holy crap! Look at his\hers!
RainbowDragon14's avatar
already in ma faves XD saw this before XD
Mk2nd's avatar
Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, well OK! :3
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Wow i love your dragons!
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uuuuu so cool. This is amazing! The glowing ball in its stomach really ties the whole thing together.
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that thing is amazing!!!!!!!ITS A FRICEN SCELETON
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Yup, that's wicked awesome. 
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*party of RPG characters stand in front of dragon*
"Wow. Plot thickens. Didn't even know we had a plot."
"No kidding."
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Absolutely stunning detail and perspective. A dragon masterpiece. The color scheme really gives it a spooky feel.
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