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torakoun made a diorama based off this image :

Swamp Diorama by torakoun

So pretty! I love it!


A small pond dragon
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She wasn't supposed to be seen by mortal eyes.

That was the rule, the decree of the magical accords.

Remain invisible.


Now and forever more...

And she thought that she was invisible!

The enchantment that she had evoked earlier that morning should have lasted all day...

...never the less he saw her.

As she pulled herself out of the waters of that small lake, as she climbed on the prow of that half sunken rowboat he saw her.

He was a child, a human child with a wild mop of bright ginger hued hair. Dressed in a white t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts he held a wooden net in his left hand. He stared at her with his bright inquisitive eyes as a broad smile was birthed on his round angelic face.

The small elemental dragon swallowed hard as she tentatively returned the boy's gaze.

This was her first encounter with a human. She had no idea how it would end. What act of violence would this human inflict upon her? Just what horrors did he have in store for her?

"You're beautiful!"

The young dragon's eyes widened and she stared in awestruck silence at the child...

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This is so beautiful it makes my heart flip flop. <3.

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Gentle, so gentle...

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So Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
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Beautiful work! :heart:
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The colors have such a magical summertime feeling~! Beautiful work!

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Very cute! I love how well the dragon goes with the plantlife!

Google knows everything! Look at what YouTube just suggested to me: (no rickroll, I'm talking about the thumbnail)

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LOL I was legit just about to comment "you know this is an album cover for some celtic music on Youtube, yeah?"

It's backwards for me, I follow this account for months already and just randomly saw the image on YouTube afterwards.

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Probably my second favorite in you dragon series. I used to collect everything about dragons and was quite obsessed with them. Until this day they carry a special place in my heart. I love the whimsical and cute way you put them in the life of children. Beautiful mood. Very enchanting. :heart:
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this is so sweet and lovely! 
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You create the most adorable dragons ever!Sylveon Attract Plz Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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boy: hey what you doing there?
the dragon: hey I am lost can you find my parents?
boy: oh yeah I can if you want to
the dragon: dude thank you so much
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aww, this is really cute! I love how lush the background is
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Beautiful artwork. :)
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and then he ate him :XXXXXX
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   Impressively beautiful painting. 
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