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Blue Dragon v2

Again, done for gamermats + pastimes
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Magnifique ! ♥ ♥ ♥

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The first is more water dragon than this. Both beautiful.

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Absolutely legendary dragon I am a dummy! Clap 
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please if you wouldnt mind making me a youtube logo and banner similar to this and (ill pay you for it) as im falling in love with the art work i like how mysterious and elegant feel it gives check out - BlueDevilDragon7 YT

🖤 I Absolutely Love This Art Work !

🖤 Your Art Work Has Been Featured On My YouTube Channel !!

🖤 Check It Out :


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Hello, Just an amateur 3d artist looking for reference images, Would you mind if I used this as a base?
Absolutely legendary. 
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for some reason seeing giant beasts under water is terrifieng for me... i get a shiver down my spine just looking at this... but it is realy realy good!
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Now that is some true art right there
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Hi dear friend,
I'm an author and for sharing my thought and some small pieces of my book on my Instagram and personal website, I need some pictures to be close to my thoughts. I would like to ask you is possible, with your permission share this picture with your credit and copyright information there. I really appreciate your beautiful work. Thank you.
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That dragon probably sank that ship 

it could not have

look at the ship it's been there for at least 20 years

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Oooh! I see so much depth in this one! Your backgrounds are breathtaking!
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Insanely well made, props
You are bar none, one of the best dragon designers I have seen.
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great work, i love it
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Doo dee doo make sure they don't come back to life okayyy next one doo dee doo
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...intriguingly menacing. 
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