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Blue Dragon

Okay, this is the last dragon! :) Representing the Island lands! This one is my favorite out of the 5 I did.
Initially he did not have wings, but I was asked to add wings to make him consistent with the other dragons.

This was commissioned by
This dragon will also be for sale in limited quantities at Gencon Indianapolis as a playmat!

You can get it as a laptop skin or cushion here :…
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I have this playmat! I love it! 😁😄

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Dragon: Yay! Bathtub toy!

I haven't logged in in years. But I remembered your dragons. This one was my favorite for the longest time. Even before I got an account. I remember I could always look up blue dragon and find you again. I was looking for a black and purple dragon (cause I'm ace and recently came out to my friends) and immediately remembered your black dragon. Even years later your art is the first that comes to mind for dragons. They're just as beautiful as I remembered. I figured after all this time I should thank you so I logged in for the first time in years. Thank you for sharing this with the world. I hope you're doing well.

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I have this pic as my backround

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I always come back to this pic! It's been my desktop for years and years :)  Super hard to find it through google though! I get a bunch of other sites :(
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How do you even do this, I love it so much!
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Wow that is a cool picture. That dragon is huge. Having a ship in the picture gives a good  sense of scale.
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Omg, wait, wait, WAIT. This draw is soooo beautiful, I loove *Q* ! The colors, and it's soo realistic *0* ♥
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Water Dragons tend to protect islands they live in and would keep anyone out of it's territory, these men have sailed into this island and came face to face with this giant sea dragon and makes a quick escape. It's best if we leave these species territory for themselves and not to trespass them.
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Greate Water Dragons are raly seen. The wings deevolved away and have grown gills. They have massive eyes and irises to catch even the slightes glimmers of light or ,,other things". They live as some of the apecs predators in the deeps of sea,with giand wales,sharks,kraken and other horrors. If they sleep or die,there body get slowly on the surface of the ocean and get misstook for islands. Sailors died, because the creatures woke up and wend do or there corpses sank back to there dark homes. They are raly hostyle and ignoe most creatures below there size. Most of the damage they cause is because of there karge body. The only things they are attack are beings of there size or massive swarms, with makes them a treate for fleets.
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Uhhh. I found and bought this:…

Is someone ripping off your art again, or do you have a deal with RuiFengSheng?
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In description of this art. It says playmat. This might be reselling it?
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The problem is this is in direct competition with sandara's own such products, so I have a hard time believing she authorized it.
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Aaaand, the tiny humans are f*ed. Never piss off the island dragon. (this is seriously epic!)
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The island, ship, and Dragon are all so beautiful! All of it is actually! <33 <33
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Have I finally found the drawing which inspired me? :O
Your drawings are amazing.
HammerinInkminer's avatar rule and dominate over the ocean and the sea -- this is the disposition of the Blue Dragon.
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