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Blue Crystal Dragon

By sandara
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kind of a quetzalcoatl sort of thing.
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© 2016 - 2021 sandara
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In crystalline Ice had long centuries lain Now Set, the Besieger once risin again A parting of Autumn storm clouds in the sky Could no longer stay that crepuscular cry Directly descended from dragons of olde Cut from an unholy lineage mold Not of squishmallow come hither to fool them Besieger knows only to wreck ruin and rule them Shrieking berserker swept wing Autumn lurker Stoop from on high comes the sharp-talon worker Prey disemboweler with deadly intent None saw him coming, but few where he went Like his ancestors he leaves few remains Feathers and fur hewn to bone and red stains Black silhouette as he crosses the moon Look to the sky he returns again soon ©@JosephJohnRacano/08/31/2020 Another installment of the ‘Poetry of Dragons’ collection

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He is so glamorous and magnificent Light Blue Heart Bullet Blue Heart Bullet 
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Wow this is really cool! Great job on this piece!

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this was my tablet background! i love ice dragons!
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Amazing work... I have no comment )
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They are all so awesome!
akarpage's avatar                             :happybounce: 
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Love this work too ! What about the creative commons ? May i use this pics to create another one ? 
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I'll be using this as reference material for some of my floral work.  Nicely done!
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I think I'll call him Glacier.  Good name for a pet dragon.
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Yes, glacier! I like it!
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My god. I adore this so much...the crystals are so pretty and glowy. I love the textures of this piece... I just wanna reach out and pet him...
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Gorgeous crystal scales and interesting expression.
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Great! Congratulations.

Fernando Coutinho
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Love that neck though!
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Beautiful! Looks a bit like it is glittering – like a crystal as the title says
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This is very pretty. Quetzalcoatls are really fun to work with IMO. :D
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This amazing I love this!!!!
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that's crazy i want wallpaper of this pls
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Another dragon I'm liking
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