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Black Dragon

This was commissioned by
This dragon will also be for sale in limited quantities at Gencon Indianapolis as a playmat!

You can also buy it as a laptop skin or cushion here :…
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Hey just a heads up, there is an account here that is posting cropped versions of your work (and many others) with their signature on it. A few of us had started reporting them, but figured you could file a DMCA

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Amazing work!! =D

It's amazing! Can you please tell me the places where each of the colored dragons you created live?

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holy fuck, so this is the artist of the piece of art. this dragon is like the most popular on google images since 2015

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for me, this is how fafnir looks like in his dragon form

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we've seen his dragon form already

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i'm not talking about the fafnir in dragon maid, they've massacred my boy in this anime.

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One of the most iconic of dragon pieces on the internet to this day, and for good reason. Your work always seems to pop up everywhere artwork is involved, you are truly one of the most recognizable artists around.
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This work has been stolen on Redbubble at:…
I would file a copyright complaint for you, but only the owner of the rights can do that. :/
Here's the info you need if you choose to:…

Your work is lovely and I hate to see it used by someone else like this. 
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Woah. This dragon is cool and creepy.
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Its so dark! i wuv it!!!
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This looks awesome! :D

I especially like the purple glowing from the inside of the dragon that contrasts with its dark exterior~ :)
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wow. cool dragon
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The terrific decadence of this dreadful feeling i have looking at this Masterpiece is beyond words........... O_o
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Ghost Dragons live in areas where it's a graveyard or a swamp, they tend to cause hallucinations to their prey in order to have the advantage. They will try to let you show any sign of fear since they want their prey to have fear.
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Now that, is a terrifying yet epic dragon! Awesome job, on the design and details. The backgrounds look really great too.
Been looking for this one for a while – lotta YouTubers snatched this as a thumbnail!

It might seem simple, but I really like the visual of this decaying drake perching on a giant skull. All the detail you put into the environment – the curling ribcages, blackened branches, low-lying mist, and the fiery dawn on the horizon – really ground the subject. The layers and silhouetted trees also give it a great sense of depth, like the dragon is perched at the middle of a marsh pond or something.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for drawing this, I really appreciate the deathly aesthetic incorporated into a whole landscape instead of just drawing the dragon isolated.
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So good, it gives me chills!
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Wow, this is a very terrible Dragon, very nice Work.Nod 
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That's a damn big skull it's hanging out on top of.

Love the glowy effect, it's fantastic.
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