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Big kitty small kitty
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Published: October 30, 2017
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AC: Origins fan art! :D

You can tame creatures (like the lion) and they'll fight for you and you can also pet cats and they'll... hang around you for a bit. XD

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XLEHXProfessional Digital Artist
Great piece, and definitely adore the background!

Also you can tame liONS WHAT.
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Hello ! This is beautiful, thanks a lot for your work, I will share it ! (I am Art Director of the Game :))
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OMG! Thank you! :) I love your artwork! 
AC Origins is so beautiful... the most beautiful photo-realistic game I've seen so far, actually. Can't wait to see what the AC team comes up with next!
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AzcazachHobbyist Digital Artist
This is just beautiful! the warm hues and the composition and the gestures and the emotions... everything looks great and looks just right :heart: It’s such a warm and pleasant piece~
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HunterCat1Student Digital Artist
Assassin's Creed + CATS?????!?!?!
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HelsicProfessional Digital Artist
I love the simplistic coloring
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Patchi1995Hobbyist Artist
Wow! I really like this artwork! This guy can tame cats, but not sure about the other felines, like lions, leopards, striped hyenas, and spotted hyenas?(Please note that hyenas looked like dogs, doesn't mean that they are parts of the dog family. Due to genetics, that hyenas are parts of the cat family. In other words, they are feliforms, like cats.) This is so brilliantly beautiful!
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Kaneda85Hobbyist General Artist
Nice work ^^ I like the style of this picture, its a little bit different to the rest of your work here. You are a all-round artist :)
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all around great pic, love the look on the lion's face, and you have captured the felines so well... awesome.
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Rosenwood1Student Digital Artist
AAAAAAAHHHH!!! the kitties are adorable! :D
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ShishiNoSeireiStudent Artist
This game has blown my mind.
cant wait until I can tame creatures >3
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I love AC, but I played only in 1 and 2, sadly... Well, I guess it would be funny if for a moment you could get few minutes of relax from fight and assassinations :D Just to see this cute lions tearing enemies... xD

I love the expression of that lucky little cat. He finally got his five minutes, eh? :D
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i looove the game and i´ve been such an assassins creed snob since ezios stroyline ended, but this game is awesome!!
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CobraCatDragon2898Student Digital Artist
So cool!
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Such pretty colours! :la:
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VesaiasTheValiantStudent General Artist
Huh, simpler in style and detail than most of your work, but still nice. Nod Meow for all the kitties!Pusheen Emote 
I haven't played any of the AC games, but since this one takes place in ancient Egypt, I think I could give it a try. Greetings 
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tarlanxHobbyist Digital Artist
Lovely piece
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MatusSzalontai Digital Artist
great work :) 
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FantasyDragonArt514Student General Artist
I can’t wait to play it!!!
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TheMurmaiderHobbyist General Artist
This is just adorable. Great job
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JdWolfChildHobbyist Artist
I love the game. You're AWESOME at this stuff bro
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digitalSatyr23Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yet more lions show up in my notifications! I love me some big cats! I'm curious to see how this new game turns out too...

Excellent work, as always. I love the composition in this piece.
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Oh crud... My urge to buy a PS4 keeps getting bigger and bigger every day. And an AC game (one that's actually GOOD and not just a buggy mess) set in ancient Egypt isn't making it any easier for me, especially if you can pet cats in it and even tame goddamn LIONS DX !!

It's not like I couldn't afford the console + this game and/or Horizon Zero Dawn right now... it's just that I have a huge backlog already for older consoles. It's quite pointless for me to spend a few hundred euros for a brand new console + game when I have so many unplayed and unfinished games in my apartment :/.

Oh well, at least now I know just how I'm gonna spend my time in this game - petting kitties and taming lions and delaying everything else because of that :P. Thanks for the heads up!
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