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Bernard and Brutus

By sandara
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Bernard and his earth fury Brutus.
From Jim Butcher's Codex Alera series.
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SRCStudentNew Deviant

Amazing, on point illustration/ interpretation of Bernard and Brutus! Love this!

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Ah, i am so happy to finally find some nice Codex Alera Fanart!
And it is a true masterpiece of work on top of that!
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There needs to be more codex fan art :3 
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I have no idea what the Codex Alera series is, but holy shit, this is the most metal af archer I've ever seen!
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OMG The Codex Alera is one of the best series ever made. This is EXACTLY how I imagined bernard and brutus to look, amazing
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Fanfreakingtastic!  I hope you have one of Araris! <3
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Flammensturm2Student Writer… Listen to this, please. I thinks, the music and your art fit perfectly. It creates a strong, powerful atmosphere

He looks a bit like Alistair from Dragon Age Origins. At least the hair
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iAnubisHobbyist General Artist
And here comes Clifford, my big bad dog... Nooooooo save me! 
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This would have made a far better book cover.  Too bad the series is done.
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phix701Hobbyist General Artist
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my 5 pound dog's name is brutus
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thats bigger than i always pictured Brutus... great art.
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Love this series and love this picture :D
Great work!
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Alex-ReidenHobbyist Writer
Awesome. I loved this series, and Bernard was one of my favorites. Really like your vision of Brutus here.
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Kishy-ChanHobbyist Digital Artist
amazing work! 
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You do the best 'Codex Alera' fan art
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ValentineNightsHobbyist Photographer
I've always had such a super hard crush on Bernard and among all the (studly) men of Alera, he stands out because of his character and general hunkiness. Amara is a lucky bi-...chick :) Really love all your Codex Alera artwork, your Canim look exactly how I imagined when reading!
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Nothing like a giant stone dog named after the man who killed Cesar. :)
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Hey, hey, hey!

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Good point ^_^.
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ReddEraProfessional Digital Artist
I just love Bernard. It's really nice to see well done art for such a great series.
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Love it! There needs to be more Codex Alera Fan art like this!
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SongbreezHobbyist Traditional Artist
Love this story!
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