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Basic Brush Tutorial

ok, here's my first tutorial... i hope it's of some help to at least some people = =;;; i dont know if its actually helpful...or if it even makes sense.

anyway, this is a basic guide to the brushes i use. ( 3 only haha) and some general tips at the end.

Here's the link to download the custom brush

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This is helpful!
Thank you!
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Thank you very much for this tutorial!:)
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This will help me alot, thanks!
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This is really nice but I'm using SAI and I don't know how to do this in SAI :(
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i used to be a sai user too, try learning to use ps, theres so much more you could do! :D cheers
Many thanks for your efforts to help others!
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This is incredibly enlightening =] thanks you!

ps. I just devoured your tutorials section. Absolutely love it! Thanks so much
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Good tutorial, I'm still new to using a Cintiq but I've found many of these same tips useful.
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awesome tutorial helped me alot
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Hi I'm new on deviantart, I've wanted to create an acount long ago, but I decided to join just today because of your works and tutorials :P (I discovered your art while I was looking for some brushes for photoshop lol and I'm glad I did hehe) 

I like this tutorial style you use :) thank you, gotta see more :D and I absolutely have to try your technique to paint fur
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can you please make a tutorial on how to draw hair? because I really really like your sytle of drawing hair.
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thank you so much ( I have a tablet since one week ; ) I'm looking for avices like yours !
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I love the brush, I used it over here and linked to this in the description :D
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Hi thanks so much.
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Great thanks
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Very nice. I can't help but feel that this will be very helpful to everyone.
Would it be possible to do the same brush technique in Paint Tool SAI?
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Extremely useful tutorial!
Great presentation as well.
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great artwork!

I like it very much!

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This brush is amazing!!! :D
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I can't open the link ... :(

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Awesome tutorial, and thanks for the brush!
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I can't install this brush :c
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