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Artifact Dragon

Another dragon done for It's an exclusive playmat.
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this is perfect for the card game I'm making. can I use this for it? :)
MagnusTonitrum's avatar
The dragon version of Thanos lol
gingigamer's avatar
Are those the Infinity Stones?
AurenValinsar's avatar
This looks absolutely incredible! It's almost exactly what I imagined a dragon planeswalker would look like! The only flaw I can see (presuming this is an MTG-themed playmat) is that green and red should switch places, but other than that it's flawless.

Top work, 9.7/10, would buy this playmat! Too bad it's probably out of stock...
Hoody-Buddy's avatar
Words can't even describe.. How awesome this dragon...
AndaleTheGreat's avatar
THIS! This is what I want as the back art for my M:TG deck sleeves! It's perfect!
narrva's avatar
He looks almost like he's preparing a five mana color kamehameha.  Goku dragon!  Dragon Goku!
fishgutsconquersall's avatar
gold dragon... black, white, red, blue and green magic... is this Nocol Bolas's brother?
dragonmastercj's avatar
best pic I've see and love your work
DragonFireAML's avatar
This looks like the nest Dragon Lord/God.
GlauxBryonia's avatar
When do you know you're screwed? When you piss off a dragon enough to do this.

He looks absolutely badass though. Gorgeous work.
I can ask you for a dragon
HammerinInkminer's avatar
...your dragons are always so consistently superb.  well done.  keep up the good work.
FieldyBob's avatar
How kind of you. :) lol
dgcasey's avatar
This one is fabulous. It would look great on the cover of one of my novels.  ;)
KunYKA's avatar
I guess this dragon is a wizard? Dragons are talented spellcasters, and it is not just a metamorphosis.
artdog22's avatar
I who plays this games you have awarded this dragon it and beautifully done well. It is "Patriarche de Marciel"
Milosh-Drown's avatar

Could you use your YuGiOh fan chart artwork? I would give the credit for the illustration and a link to your gallery! please! great work!
Lorian-Dragon's avatar
That's a real dragon!
Alsalamek's avatar
The dragon is amazing. I love that he wear an armor
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