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Alera Codex : Nasaug

Nasaug, the Canim warrior leader from Jim Butcher's Alera Codex. :)
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I love the background in this battle between Nasaug and Tavi in Ludis! Incredible work!

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Love these designs!
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makes me want to try this series again.
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Love this and absolutely loved the books.
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Absolutely splendid work, I've no idea but the idea of him and Tavi having a ludus match while both sides want nothing more than to kill each other made me giggle for some reason.
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Lord Loss ain't got shit on him.
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Wow! one of my favorite characters of the series. Gloriously portrayed. I especially love the feeling the background generates! 

You are an Epic Artist.
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This is amazing - I love the amount of detail you've put into his armour, and his expression is perfect!
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Do you sell your art anywhere? I'd love to have print versions of these!!
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I was looking for owner of this image fo so long! Love you profile! Your art is amazin!
I really really love this :) 
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AMAZING! In love, the Canim are great, and you did a wonderful job portraying them
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I'm about to favorite all your Codex Alera fanart, because you're an amazing artist and I'm halfway through the books. Just a warning. :)
Awesome. He's so clearly keenly intelligent, as he contemplates his next move.
Hi, I'd love to use this pic for a profile I have. Is that possible? Not sure how these images work.
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Sure. :) If it's just for personal use, that's fine. 
Awesome. Thanks. You're a very talented artist.
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This piece has been featured on our facebook page! Thank you for your work!

Musing Star
Founder of Fan of Fantastic Fantasy…
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Thanks for the feature. :)
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I also thought you would want to know I found this exact same piece on another facebook page. They don't credit you, they don't provide a link back to your gallery. While they do not claim the piece as theirs, your piece is being shared without any acknowledgement toward you.…  <<< There's the page. You'll find your piece along with hundreds of other pieces that the artists are not being credited.
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Thanks for the heads up! I will look into this. :)
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