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Alera Codex : Marat

Walker and Doroga, with their Gargant clan. Marching towards Garados. fanart for Jim Butcher's Alera Codex series. :)

Jim Butcher says: Oh that IS pretty.

*eeeeeeeeee* XD
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Oh man, this is so boss! 

Though I always pictured gargants as Giant Ground Sloths/Megatherium, the beauty of this piece well overcomes that personal hurdle. 
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i'm FINALLY getting around to reading this! have you read dresden files yet?
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Gladto see your work getting the recognition it deserves. If his series had your pics for cover art, I believe the series would be even more well known, no disrepect to the artist that got that honor though. Just though I'd add my two-cents.^^;
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I love this book ! So thanks for this, it's very beautiful !
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just wow.

I like the maturity of this image.

hopefully that comes out right, and doesn't sound pretentious but this is just really epic and great.
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wow - i don't mean to throw comparison among artists around but this must be exactly what happens when frank frazetta and bob ross make babies. i love it!
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That is awesome! Just finished reading the first book, and was looking for fan art. This tops anything I've seen so far.
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Your art is amazing, You are a very big inspiration to me!
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So awesome! You inspired the crap out of me with this one. I did a study which got out of hand a bit and posted it. If you want me to take it down please just say so, no problem. It's here; [link]

I've got a lot to learn ;)
My absolute favorite. Beautiful. Exactly how I envisioned the gargants when I was reading the books.
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I want a print of this! I need this poster on my walllllllllllllll
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I just recently got into the Codex of Alera series and my favorite characters are Daroga and Bernard. I love it and I love how Mr. Butcher portrays the different cultures. I am up to Book 3 and was introduced to the Canim and Book 2 I look forward to seeing how their people are like. I always pictured the gargants to be like giant bison with tusks and large rhino like mole feet. xD Your portrayal is awesome! Aso Daroga has a pretty sexy back XD
It is hard to make out Walker and Doroga.
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The best books I've ever read was the Codex Alera. This is beautiful, and freaking awesome xD
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Excellent! Just how I imagined them to look. I also like Garados in the distance, very well done.
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I bow before you, great Sandara. May your art continue to bring light to the wonderful world of Alera!
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More of this Codex art please? Damn it's the best reference material xD
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Your Alera art is just.... wow. I hope you do more!!
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I always kind of pictured gargants as gigantic cows (walker as white with coffee colored spots)... but this way is muuuuuch better.
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