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An alchemist character
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This character is very cool; I love her costuming. :)

S-Bizzle's avatar

Love those details on the crystal bottle.

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this piece look so amazing the flow. 
tomoplace's avatar

Awesome. Love it!

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Something that really sticks out to me is the practiced neutrality of the alchemist's face. It's a calm expression, which is a nice contrast to the whirlwind of potions and papers around her, but neither pleasant nor unpleasant in a way that seems to me very intentional. It's not a relaxed face, but one trained to betray no emotion. For all the cheery colors of her garb and the stained-glass window, this is someone who considers her alchemy to be serious business.

For a painting with no actual story behind it, it amazes me how much it feels like there's a story behind it due to the wealth of details and contrasting elements.
Mrtestosterone's avatar

Love the design of the flow!

uniiverso's avatar

So cool, she is aligned with the window! Love fantasy artwork!

Halley-Comet's avatar
I love the way you used colour. Pink, yellow and red on the girl, to focus on her. And cold blue, green, white and grey on the background.
She seems to rise from the bottom, alive. Good work, also, with the spiral of magic which turn around her.

🖤 I Absolutely Love This Art Work !

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she looks awesome, could be a character from alice in wonderland or somethingrainbow heart 2

JonathanHunter94's avatar

Brilliant!! Looks like a cross between a fairy tale and a JRPG

meiyue's avatar
Love how the stained glass contrasts with the dimmer pale walls <3 I mean, I love all your illustrations in probably just about any context, but this makes me feel like I'd die to see a children's book illustrated by you hehe 
WorldDominatinCrea's avatar

This is awesome and amazing!

Marbellchen's avatar
I rly love her Outfit!
awesome Artwork and a great color concept. <3
skrafin's avatar

Amazing as always, long time watcher, amazing wallpapers, inspiration and a fuel for epic stories. Thanks for being awesome, stay healthy, skilled and incredible as always! Best of luck and keep up the great work!

FuriousTribble's avatar

This is so great, loving the pose and there is just so much going on. Awesome work.

Ravenroseserpent's avatar

Just an beautiful painting of the Alchemist character

Morthasa's avatar
awesome picture!!
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