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Your typical RPG party encountering a dragon.

This is a playmat done for Gamermats. This will be an exclusive mat for GenCon 2015 and you can get it at their booth there.
You can probably find the dragons and angels mats I did there for sale too. :)
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Wow this is beautiful art. Amazing!!!

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Stunning absolutely stunning.  
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Beautiful, powerful work and I love the energy and movement, I can almost feel the roar and breath of the dragon!

I came here via YouTube when I saw your amazing image on an epic video.  The video is called 'Unshaken' which also suits your fabulous artwork perfectly .......our warriors/adventurers are in the midst of battle then like a surreal moment, time slows and stands still and you hear the song's words:  they will find the quiet in the storm, they will be unshaken and they will win the battle.  Awesome!   Thank you Sandara.   Heart 
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A pretty artwork.Sorry, my English is poor.I only can say it's  amazing.
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Great! Congratulations.

Fernando Coutinho
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Nice pictures. The band of heroes must be very brave to stand up to a dragon. :)
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I wonder what would happen if Leda and Sandara combined forces...
Holy hell yas
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Lol i honestly don't know how either of them could get any better tho e.e
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It is a good drawing
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Amazing performance
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WOW! This picture fit to game "World of Warcraft". Knight, sorceress and orc, fight together.Love  Great team :happybounce: 
Beautiful perform Love 
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Your dragons (and all your works!) are sooo beautiful!
What a nice drawing!!!:):)  What program do you use?
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Really epic, well done.
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Really liking the shield on the knight, and that dragon looks amazing.

I'd be willing to fight it, Might actually prove a challenge.
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This looks like the final boss in Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition!
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amazing as always!
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Feels like a World Of Warcraft
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