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Ackerman's Field

By sandara
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7 stones or 8?

A sketch from Stephen King's short story N.
Which I thought was pretty ok.... :)

What's your favorite King short story?
Mine is - The Mist + Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank redemption. Both of which were made into pretty decent movies. Though The Mist's ending just makes me sad.

I think I read almost all of his books. XD
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I have only read a couple: The Shining and Fire Starter. Both where pretty scary; not sure which I like better. I favor more swords and sorcery novels for reading though not so many good ones are written.

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Attack on Titan meets the Creature from the black lagoon 
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Really cool! Evocative of my childhood nightmares.
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Love the design of the "helmet-headed creature"! Wonderfully creepy :)
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"The Mist" movie ending was so depressing, but I still consider it one of my favourite adaptations.
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Yeah, it was one of the better ones. :) My favorite movie adaptation is still The Shawshank Redemption though.
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It was great too.
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Truly awesome. Reminds me a bit of the Titans from Nausicaa too. 
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The mist is great, but i have to say my favorite King story is The Running Man, which unfortunately got made into a shitty Arnold Shwarzenegger movie
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The Mist does have a sad ending. Being forced to shoot his family, then finding out the army, and in turn rescue, was so close. That particular scene was very well made.
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love this ilustration, and love Stephen King, sadly I haven't read this story yet but now I will do
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Wow, I've really let a backlog of Deviations pile up... Anyway, my two favorite King short stories are Mrs. Todd's Shortcut and The Jaunt.
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Yeah! Those are great! I always thought The Jaunt had an awesome ending. :D
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Ooh that's such an eerie scene. I like how close his is to being part of the environment. It's strange its monstrous demeanour contrasted with the peacful warmth of the sunset. It's very disconcerting.
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That's how it was in the story. :)
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Been a while since I read this one. I'll have to dog it out again.
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I never read this short story of his, but this seems pretty effin scary asf... Awesome job with portraying it.:iconomgfreddyplz:!
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When I saw this giant monster, and the name Ackerman, I thought this was Attack on Titan fanart.
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I just couldn't get into Attack on Titan. I mean, it was cool when it first came out, but I kinda just lost interest along the way.
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I love this! I love all King's stuff, and this is an awesome illustration.
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Thank you! Awesome username and icon. :)
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