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Abandoned City

By sandara
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Another go at environments
Painted on 3d base, textures from
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Pretty evocative. Beautiful work. 
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woe, what awaits our hero beyond these gate?

Tune in tomorrow and find out!
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This art reminds me the game "Prince of Persia 2" from DOS.
I played it when I was a child.

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very good ! the horse does not want to go in, that should tell the hero something...
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Others see abandoned place.  I see lots of free *3* Looooooooot.
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Recently abandoned, from the look of it. The horse is correctly reluctant. Nothing good is going to come of going inside.

The picture is well executed, with size coming out nicely. A good palette of colours. The desolation is well brought out, and the adventurer's optimism comes out, too.

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A pretty and mysterious place!  :shakefist:  Who knows what this lone knight and his horse will find inside in there?  :roll:
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very very good. 
Good kind of shivers, indeed!! :D 
Reminds me of Robin Hood (2019) film with Ben Mendelsohn. :)
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I ADORE pictures such as these! There's just something about abandoned places that just gives me the good shivers!
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Thumbs up for this one..!
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That would be an awesome game setting!
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Loving the ancient influences! Very Babylonian-style architecture with almost European stained glass! Keep it up!
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Wow, I just want to reach out and touch the tiles and mosaics. Feel the wind blowing the tattered banners. Why does the boy enter the city, and what will he find? ;) Superb.
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I absolutely love it!
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An abandoned city... it certainly looks derelict. :greetings:
All that highly decorative mosaic tiling on the main gate and the red flags are very beautiful though. :nod:
The city must have been a real lively hub of culture and trade back in the days forgotten to history. :|
Splendid work, as always! :clap:
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